Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Sensory Room Sounds

A Soft Murmur: A sound board for creating relaxing sounds. The image shows volume slider controls for waves, wind, fire, coffee shops, singing bowls and white noise from a TV.

Thurrock Lifestyle Solutions have a range of accessible musical instruments. These include iPads, a Korg WaveDrum mini, a Robo-tar, Beamz for use with switches and lots more.

A Soft Murmur is a sound-board where you can adjust the volumes of the wind, rain, thunder, waves, fire crackling and more. It works best at the moment for free on a PC.

TableTop Audio have a range of 10 minute ambient soundscapes you can choose from. Sounds from deep under the sea, train journeys, a desert bazaar and more.

One Switch Music ideas have lots of links to performing and playing music including this list of free to play music and sound effects and this list of new equipment and ideas.

Thanks to Ian Bean for some of the links above.

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