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TEN TV: The Only Hope (Part 3)

"This is TEN TV Stories. And now prepare to be shaken out of your boots and hide under the bed. It's The Only Hope Part 3 by Kevin Land. Lock your kids away! Enjoy reading if you dare. Ha ha ha ha!" - Lee, TEN TV.

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The Only Hope.

by Kevin Land.

A few days had passed and Jane had spent them all searching for clues to Mailliw's location, but she was no closer to an answer, "what will you do after you have found him?" asked Cassandra, not really paying much attention to her friend.    "Well when I find him…I will do whatever I must" replied Jane, noticing what had taken all of Cassandra's attention.    "OK, so I am not the most tidy person in the world..." she continued before rushing out of the door followed by her old friend.    "Jane just what are you doing now?" Cassandra asked following at some pace, "the commander gave you and Izzy time off so I will ask again…what are you doing?" but Jane was still walking away not even looking back, Izzy thought he could hear hurried footsteps from outside his room in the barracks before the pounding on the door began, "Izzy wake up! we have to go!" said Jane rushing through a conversation with whomever was with her. it had sounded like someone who got on well with Jane but the only person who would was away on a mission, or so Izzy thought. "Okay where are we going?" asked the young Spartan opening the door to see both Cassandra and Jane standing there, but Jane still wore the same clothes that he had seen her in days before "we have to go ask some questions in the next city to the west, so get packed, we leave in five minutes" she said, but both Izzy and Cassandra could see how obsessed she was becoming.
 "How about you have a wash and get some clean clothes first?" said Cassandra, but her old friend shook her head, "no we have to go now…I will clean up afterwards", but Izzy held his nose and asked her in a weird voice, "if you want the people to smell you coming then we will definitely get noticed" but Cassandra gave a stern look as if to say 'stop acting childish'. "What I think your young charge means, is that you will leave a big impression that will tip off Mailliw unless you take some time to sort yourself out", "how about this? We will wait for five hours, that should give you more than enough time to clean yourself up and explain your plan before setting out" said Izzy, showing how mature he was becoming, which made Cassandra smile and made Jane agree, "okay, we will stay here for a few more hours but then we really have to go".

 Calm and ready, Jane had showered and changed her clothes three times before Cassandra said she would blend in, and so she met up with Izzy who was setting off towards the town she had chosen. He was practicing with a weapon Cassandra had given him…it was a small pistol and one of only two in Dinopolix. Both were given to Izzy but they only held one shot, so he had to only use them if the need was great "okay we just have to ask a few questions, and if it is clear they are not there we will move on to the next town" said Jane, walking just a fraction too fast for the younger Spartan who struggled to keep up with her.

 "Jane your becoming obsessed" he said, putting his pistol away and tripping slightly plus running out of breath. At hearing this Jane turned and noticed that she was a good five meters from her young charge and realised that she had not even noticed she had left him behind. "I'm sorry Izzy, I promise that my focus from now on is on us, and more importantly keeping you safe until you become the great Spartan I know you will be" she replied, smiling slightly and walking at Izzy's pace until they reached the town. The town was full of tension but everyone seemed so preoccupied to talk to the two newcomers and so the two Spartans tried to find accommodations for their stay but no one was willing to sell them a room and some people took more precautions to even stop them getting into their inns "this is ridiculous…no one wants to even talk to us" the younger of the two Spartans said almost giving up with the whole town "if you are looking for a place to stay you can stay at my place it's a building down the street" said a strange man 'no' thought Izzy 'it can't be' it was a man that Izzy had known from before he was taken into the Spartans "Arnold is that you" Izzy asked with hope deep in his voice "I didn't think you would ever recognise me" the man replied smiling at the younger Spartan and after some quick introduction for Jane he explained that Arnold was his friend from when he was a young boy before his parents were taken from him "and I have a lot of space free which may not look like much but anyone can use it if only to keep them off the streets and in a warm environment" said Arnold to which Jane agreed to thinking to herself that at least there was one decent person in town. Arnold was right and it was not much but it was warm and dry plus a lot of other people were staying too and were willing to share food and blankets "what are you doing here anyway Arnold" asked Izzy drinking deep from a drink that was being shared about "the people here were forced to pay tax on everything they own and things they may have owned in the past until people had nothing to pay with so they were thrown out of their homes with little more than their clothes on their backs" Jane and Izzy were paying close attention to every word he said "so when they began sleeping rough my friends and I opened our doors to them so they would not have to live and die without some form of dignity" then he got up and carried two large chunks of wood to the doors making barricades for them "even though these people have nothing they are not safe even when in a large enough group" Arnold finished and the people began going to sleep "Izzy sleep tight and in the morning we can find out what is going on in this town" said Jane before rolling over and going to sleep but it was harder for Izzy because the floor was so uncomfortable until he couldn't stay awake any longer.

BOOM the explosion woke everyone just before sunrise BOOM then another then a third but the last one was so big the whole building shook and the ceiling began caving in "RUN" screamed Jane knocking the barricades aside and opening the doors so the people could escape she stayed there until the last person had escaped before fleeing herself and she just made it out before the whole place came down "get to safety…go outside the town" said Izzy taking charge and with the first emergency taken care of Izzy made a checklist in his head…the explosions had rocked the town…no one knew what had happened…the survivors making a small camp outside the town which was very lucky "Izzy we have to investigate this in case Mailliw is involved but in the meantime I want you to take this short sword because we don't know what we might have to do but it is better to have it even if it is just to deter thieves" said Jane as she lead him outside of the destroyed building they were kindly offered to rest in but they were soon lost in the rush of people some fleeing the area of the explosion while others going towards it hoping to see if relatives escaped injury "Jane we should ask anyone who looks as if they might know something" Jane's young apprentice said and was sent to blend in with the crowd and overhear things while Jane went into a crowd to ask the same sort of things but as Izzy walked away a group of children pushed him out of their way and one tried to kick him while he was distracted but other people pushed past so they just left him and carried on so Izzy ignored them and began asking people who could do something this evil but nobody knew or if they did they weren't telling this young man so he branched out to asking people his own age so he pretended to be the normal young pre-teen boy that people assumed he was not as the Spartan he was and as he went to one such place where a lot of people his own age were, he knew he would stand out, although Izzy knew he had to blend in it seemed that all of the various children here were part of the same gang who tried to attack him earlier but he ignored his feelings and hid the sword Jane had given him then he walked up to the biggest one and asked "hi can I join in with your game" which made a few laugh but the one Izzy asked didn't move a muscle "the game we are about to play is a tough one" he said without moving his lips much "if you want to play then you had better be tough" he continued and when Izzy nodded he said loudly enough for the others to hear "now we will play gauntlet and the rules are our new young friend is given a small bat of wood while the rest of us are aloud bigger thicker wooden bats and while we guard the leader it is this lose-…I mean our friend's job to defeat us" he finished before picking his weapon off the floor and walked back a few steps "okay I will be the leader so everyone has to do whatever they can to stop you getting to me" the same boy said then Izzy was handed a small bat almost the same size as his hand while all the other children had bats as long as their arms but Izzy knew the small weapon was all he needed and when the first few tried attacking him he expertly dodged and struck one hard enough to send him flying to the floor then he punched another into a third kicking the forth before the other two had even hit the floor after that the rest seemed to be more than a little scared and ran away dropping their weapons as they fled until the only ones left were Izzy, the boy he originally asked and his two biggest friends "if I win you have to answer my questions" Izzy said walking slowly towards the three of them but the same one from earlier began to screw his face up "no we don't have to do anything for you…freak" then all three attacked together but with a few well-placed kicks and swings with the small bat the two friends went down holding their abdomens leaving only the leader who now looked panicked "well will you talk" asked the young Spartan standing only up to the leader's chest but was still more then able to beat the stuffing out anyone stupid enough to cross him "I…I don't know anything…please let me go" he stammered his face full of fear but Izzy loomed near him then smiled and threw his small weapon at his feet "okay I believe you, bye" he said then turned and ran away towards where Jane had walked into along the way back he found something that stopped him in his tracks.

Izzy couldn't believe the devastation left by the explosion from the day before and this home in front of him had been destroyed with rubble strewn everywhere "mummy where are you" cried a young girl only a few years younger than Izzy he thought but now wasn't the time because he had to get her away from here "mummy I can't find you" she continued crying out with tears running down her face she didn't see the wall beginning to collapse around her and if it wasn't for Izzy pulling her from the wall then she would have been killed "let me go I have to find my mummy" she said struggling in his arms but his grip was tighter then she could handle "please listen to me if your mother was here she is going to have gone to the camp outside of the town now please go out there and find her" Izzy replied kindly pleading with the girl but she still refused "no I am not going anywhere…it's all the bad man’s fault he started the fire because he couldn't steal our money anymore" she said holding back the next set of tears and with all the smoke around she was covered in ash "I don't know who this man is but I swear to you someday somehow I will make it all right but we have to get to safety now" the young Spartan said then he gave her a small round medallion that she held between her fingers "this a promise that I will keep no matter how long it takes…days, weeks, months, years as long as it takes" the girl agreed and held on to the medallion with both her hands and walked off with Izzy who looked over his shoulder at the truth that he didn't want to tell the little girl…that her mummy was not going to come back, when she was safely outside he handed her over to the town elder "remember you promised" the little girl said still gripping the medallion tightly then she disappeared in to the crowd searching for her mother "I have asked around and this was done one of Polron's associates who has since disappeared" said Jane watching her young charge "she is going to be fine thanks to you" she continued after a few seconds "her mother didn't make it and she will be put into children's home…she will be devastated" Izzy replied not able to to look up at his friend's face but she smiled at him and whispered "you have a good heart and you are beating yourself up so she doesn't have to feel the pain you felt" then she lead him away from the people towards Dinopolix.

As they walked back Jane stopped in her tracks spotting a face she thought looked peculiar as it was not someone who was bothered that explosions had happened recently and was not worried about friends or family being caught in the same explosions so she decided to follow him "Izzy I want to to follow me" she said before rushing ahead closely followed by her young charge until they were at the entrance to a underground set of tunnels which were almost too dark to see where they were going "Jane we have to split up we would cover more ground that way" said Izzy which Jane nodded at before realising that it was too dark for Izzy to see it "I agree with you young Spartan so if I go left and you go right we will find any information we can then meet up but do not fight anyone unless you have no other choice" she replied and then the two set off in different directions, it was not long before Izzy got lost and was wondering around the tunnels trying to find anything that looked familiar but out of the corner of his eye he could see that he was being followed 'two guards bigger than me…maybe I could lose them in the dark but he saw both fall down in a heap but he didn't see what had happened and this seemed to happen a few other times, once a guard fell just before he reached a junction and another three stepped into his path noticing him but were soon down due to forces that Izzy could not understand then he heard footsteps running down a passage so he decided to follow them until he heard voices "you can't escape now girly" one said in a guttural voice then another laughed like a hyena said "yeah we have you now ha he ha" but it was the third voice that sent a chill down Izzy's spine it was the voice he recognised from the fight between him and Jane…Polron "this witch is not worth our time quickly kill her before Mailliw hears of our friend finding his lair" then he took off out of the room "I am going back to my lab so don't fail me" he said as he disappeared into darkness leaving this girl that Izzy could now see thanks to the torches the guards had put on the walls "well now girly something is going to happen that you won't like" the first guard said placing his sword gently against her throat "just kill me now then I would never have to listen to your insane rambles" she replied in the driest way she could then just as the first guard raised his sword to strike her down he suddenly went limp and as he fell Izzy stood behind him then while the second's guard was down the woman knocked the stuffing out of him until it was just the two them but Izzy couldn't quite make out the woman's face but soon as Izzy watched the young woman walk out of the shadows he asked "you’re the one who was looking out for me weren't you" but he couldn't take his eyes off her face when it finally became visible he could see she was about seven years older than him but her features made her look a lot older then she could be "my name is rolmends and you seemed to look out for me too" she replied both didn't know what to do next because neither had any clue where in this maze they were but they decided to search together "my name's Izzy" he replied as the two walked toward where they hoped might be a sign that they were close to the entrance because then they could trace their steps "we have to be careful of Polron because he must still be a little bitter that my mentor and I ruined his plans" Izzy continued but the two were almost silent for an hour as they walked along deeper into the blackness ahead of them.

Jane kept going forward faster and faster after hearing a guard talk about a man who was experimenting on children being here earlier with his boss, she had hit the jackpot even though she had lost Izzy somewhere in the maze but she held on to the hope that Mailliw was somewhere close by so she focused her energy into finding him "my what a pretty little thing" said one of the guards patrolling the tunnels but Jane hit him hard enough to put his lights straight out and kept on going until she found herself outside a set of thick wooden doors so she tested the doors and found the weakest spot and took a few steps back and kicked hard shattering the doors and filling the air and floor with splinters finding the huge dimly lit room almost empty apart from a few people stood in the middle "how dare you burst through the doors like that" said one of the people who now stood with their weapons drawn "no it's quite alright now leave us" said the one in the middle who Jane had spotted earlier who must of been Mailliw but the others walked slowly past Jane staring daggers at her ready to attack at the slightest signal "now come closer please I wish to have a look at you" he continued with a grin on his face that made Jane want to punch him so the Spartan knew not to let her guard down and walked purposefully towards him "I have been waiting for a while to arrest you" she said finally staring into his eyes, as Jane stood before Mailliw her anger almost exploding out of her "don't tell me I killed your brat and you want revenge…or maybe I ate them I never keep track" he said smirking at her looking at he as if he was looking at an insect "by the rights of the Spartans I place you under arrest if you try to resist I will be forced to restrain you" Jane replied still in control of her anger but the evil man never dropped his smirk "oh I don't think I will be under arrest I have far too much money for that" then he pulled a lever nearby and the floor gave way making Jane lose her footing and as she fell she thought 'a trap door…so cliche' but her thoughts took a darker turn as she reached the floor landing on the bones of Mailliw's victims "enjoy your time down there…I have to see a man about a bomb" shouted Mailliw as he walked away laughing to himself and with nothing to climb it seemed that she would not be getting out for a while. Izzy and Rolmands walked together in the shadow watching the guards fluttering about too oblivious to notice the two Spartans "wait…look over there" said Rolmands pointing at a lone man walking past about fifty yards ahead "that is the man who runs this place" she continued explaining to Izzy that it was Mailliw but the younger of the two Spartans already knew that because of the smirk on his evil face "if he is here then so is Jane" Izzy replied hurrying towards him but when the evil tyrant went away the two Spartans dropped back and tried to find the room that he most likely came from until as if by accident they came across a guard who had been knocked out cold near a broken wooden door with a massive pit in the middle of it "ah my head…what…who are you two" said the guard who had been knocked out but he couldn't say another word because Izzy punched him square in the jaw and put him out again "hello is there anyone out there" came a voice from the middle of the pit which Izzy recognised instantly "mentor we have to go after Mailliw, can you get out of the pit or do you need a rope " he asked searching the dimly lit room but a snarl came from the pit "one minute Izzy" Jane replied drawing her sword and the same creature that snarled began yelping "sorry about that…Mailliw has been experimenting on animals down here and he doesn't feed them so they are quite feral" continued Jane just as rolmands threw her some rope and pulled her up then the three Spartans took off after Mailliw introducing each other as they chased the evil man but when they found their exit a explosion began collapsing the tunnel and the three heroes ran as fast as they could out of the decreasing passage almost unable to avoid the rubble but all three got out unharmed but it was like going from the bad to worse when they saw the town burning and explosions rocking what remained of the town "the people are under attack…we have to save them" said Rolmands conflicted about abandoning the chase for Mailliw but another explosion knocked all three over "the blasts are getting close so we forget about the chase and focus on saving the people" said Jane rushing forward hoping she could save at least one of the people who had helped her the day before.

the devastation caused by the explosions was all around the three who set off into the burning rubble trying to find survivors but they found charred remains and had to move on to other places "attack" yelled three men as they jumped down onto the Spartans but they were quickly dealt with "help me" called a old man trapped underneath a wall from a nearby building and another person called coming from a well near the back of the opposite house but it was drown out by more explosions "Izzy you help the person in the well while Rolmands and I help this man out from under this wall" said Jane keeping her calm in this war zone then afterward when both were free lead the two back to where they had entered "stay out here and keep safe" said Rolmands as she turned and ran back into the town followed by Jane and Izzy the latter of the two stopped at the three attackers who were beginning to move and recognised all of their faces "Arnold…why did you attack us" Izzy asked his so called friend but the three attackers laughed hard enough to stop the other two Spartans in their tracks "it’s nothing personal but Mailliw paid us a boat load of gold and silver to betray you" Arnold replied then he punched Izzy around the face and tried to slam his knee into the younger Spartan's nose but lucky for Izzy that Jane was ready to block and push Izzy out of any immediate danger in one fluid move "well now we get to the real fun" said one of the others that were not hiding their faces anymore but after a short scuffle the only one that could hold his own was Arnold "Jane please leave him to me" "asked Izzy standing closely behind his mentor his fists clenched so tight they could draw blood "okay but when you lose don't begin crying that you didn't ask for it" replied Arnold even though he wasn't asked "be my guest Izzy" said Jane stepping aside for her apprentice to fight then the two female Spartans went to search for anymore survivors "so it is just us like when we were young" said Arnold he was clearly taller but Izzy didn't back down and tried to hit him but the taller young man dodged and punched him round the face then as Izzy doubled over Arnold kicked him down "this is how people should be to me…on their knees grovelling" then he walked slowly around the young Spartan "what…about those people…in your building" said Izzy as his head spun but before he received a answer he was kicked hard around the face "you think I give a crap about them…they were tools for my improvement and to think they trusted me completely as I sold them into slavery or to Polron" he let that set in for a few seconds as he walked round the injured Spartan "and as for you…leaving us behind while you ran off and became a hero…I lied about this not being personal because I hate you and will not stop until you stop living" he finished and picked up a broken pole "I didn't have a choice…I was poisoned with abomination blood…this was my only chance to survive" replied Izzy then he fell to the floor as he was hit across the back with the pole "well now you will die anyway" said Arnold just as he was about to end it.

Izzy could feel the hate pouring off of Arnold so he decided to let go of his feeling of being a friend to someone who literally wanted him dead so as Arnold swung the pole towards Izzy to finish the fight Izzy let it all go and caught the pole and began to rise up he could feel the blood running down from his face and arms but his gaze never faltered "this is not about you harming me…this is about all those innocent people who trusted you" said Izzy then he hit Arnold as hard as he could then again then as he fell to the floor Izzy kicked him onto his back and as he hit the floor Izzy threw him over onto his face and dragged him up onto his knees and faced him "this is your last chance to surrender and maybe the Spartan's council will be merciful" he said trying to spare his friend even after he was so far gone but Arnold laughed and grabbed a rock swinging it at Izzy's head but Izzy clenched his fist and punched the rock and Arnold's hand in one go braking both and as the former friend cried out in pain Izzy slapped him across the face hard enough to knock him out, Jane and Rolmands had not found any more survivors but a few that had been killed before they do anything about it "Jane I think Izzy has returned" said Rolmands searching the ruins for any sign of life but the only life she could see was Izzy dragging Arnold behind him "he is unconscious but still breathing" Izzy said his face swelling slightly but not enough to affect his voice so the three Spartans moved on to the next part of the city that had been rocked by explosions and ran into a security force lead by it's captain "halt give your names and reason for being out here" said the captain and after a brief explanation the captain let them go past and they ran a large group of people being lead out of the town towards the camp one of which had told the others the truth about Arnold and his friends so when they saw the unconscious body the consensus was to end his life but Jane refused to let them and instead he was left in the care of two guards who carried him across the way just as a explosion went off causing a building close by to begin falling "Izzy get them to safety" yelled Jane over the sound of more bombs going off in the distance why was Mailliw trying to attack innocent people's homes but that was what she would have to ask him about if she managed to survive until tonight but until then she had to focus on Mailliw who was now was making his way through the city back alleys towards the bomb.

after getting the people to safety Izzy and Rolmands followed the captain and his troops to the newest battlefield in the town square "Rolmands you take the left I will go right while the captain drives his troops forward through the centre and remember not to harm them unless absolutely necessary" said Izzy taking charge but as the three forces separated he realised his master was not with them "where are you Jane" he said to himself looking back for her but it wasn't Jane who responded "oh look at this…one of the Spartans has fallen for our trap" said one of five men all taller then Izzy and with twice the body mass "listen guys I don't want to hurt you but I will if you don't leave right now" the Spartan replied without thinking about how he was out numbered and outmatched and was soon surrounded "you asked for this" sighed Izzy blocking one man's fist and hitting another man's face with it then spinning around swinging his foot with such speed when he connected with the third he almost broke his own foot then he started taking damage on his already injured body with two punching him round the face while another dragged him down and the last tried to kick his head off his shoulders but at the last second he twisted his body so one of the bigger men fell into the path and and was hit full force in his back then in the moment of confusion Izzy quickly knocked one out completely then knocked two more to the floor and got to his feet "real tough men picking on me" Izzy said with quite a lot of blood running down his mouth then as if he was moving fast enough to disappear he hit one round the face taking him out of the fight and kicking another so hard in the gut he brought up some blood "forget this guy" said the same one from earlier picking up his friend and turning tail and running until it was only Izzy standing on his own then he fell down onto his knees and tried not to pass out but was unsuccessful "ha I am quite lucky" said a voice that had enough malice in it that Izzy began to feel scared as the world blacked out.

Jane followed Mailliw through the alleys until she found him standing in the middle of a pile of rubble "this is the right place for this don't you think" he said as Jane slowed to a stop "just give yourself up and no one has to suffer today" she said without dropping her eyesight of Mailliw but the evil man laughed a laugh that sent shivers down the female Spartan's spine "I think I will be doing what I must but if you think you can stop me then by all means…try" he replied still with the same grin that made Jane want to hit him so she drew her sword and rushed towards him but just as she was in striking distance he picked up a body by the neck and held it between the two of them "to get at me then you will have to go through this one" Mailliw said as Jane recognised the tied up body of her young student "he is alive for the moment but if you try to strike me then he may not be for much longer" the evil man continued then a few of his henchmen stepped out of the shadows holding the small body of a young girl "this is the kid you wanted boss" said the biggest man throwing the body to the floor and making it cry in pain then more of his henchmen stepped forward "what is wrong Spartan…lost your nerve" asked Mailliw his face sneering slightly as he said the word 'Spartan' "I have gathered more children from this place than any other so it is a fitting place to end all of this" the evil man continued before picking up the little girl "let her go Mailliw…she hasn't done anything to you" Jane replied with panic in her voice she knew she could not do anything without one of the two youngsters getting hurt or worse "this little girl is the daughter of this town's mayor and the tool of the town's destruction" Mailliw said through clenched teeth then he passed her to his henchman who strapped a bomb to her "this is the end of you and this pathetic town" continued Mailliw revelling in his apparent victory until he noticed Rolmands and the captain with his troops walking into the rubble "you didn't think I would come without back-up did you?" asked Jane. The battle that had erupted was quite brutal especially in such close quarters but Jane could finally attack Mailliw with Rolmands backing her up "YOU THINK YOU HAVE WON" yelled Mailliw his smile now completely gone replaced with pure rage but he had dropped Izzy who regained consciousness and was still relatively unhurt but the evil man pulled the triggering device out of his pocket "IF I DIE THEN YOU WILL TOO" he continued but Rolmands expertly threw a knife that destroyed the trigger "Rolmands you get the girl and run away…I will deal with Mailliw" said Jane walking slowly toward the tyrant "a shame that she is gone..she would have made a tasty treat" replied Mailliw just before he threw a punch that connected with Jane's jaw then he tried another but Jane blocked it and gave him a uppercut which knocked him to the floor "only scum hit women" Jane said wiping blood from her mouth but Mailliw had begun to get up and threw dirt into her face then began dropping a few bombs around her feet and making a break for it "enjoy Spartan I left you a few presents" said Mailliw as he ran away from the bombsight Jane only just regained her sight before diving for cover as the first exploded "Jane" yelled Izzy still tied up as one bomb rolled towards him and he was unable to escape it but just when he had begun to accept his fate Jane jumped onto his body shielding his body with hers and taking the full force of the explosion in her back and as Izzy's eyes widened at the sight of his friend and master saving his life at the expense of her own he found he could move his arms because Jane had cut the ropes that were binding him when she shielded him "Jane…Jane wake up" he said but her body shivered slightly and the younger Spartan knew she was not long for this world and that was when he felt it the feeling that he had been able to feel since he woke up in Dinopolix "Jane the abominations…the abominations are coming you have to wake up" his grief subsided slightly when she opened her eyes just enough to see Izzy holding her, tears running down his cheeks "Izzy…you have to escape…now" she said closing her eyes again but Izzy could not bring himself to do as she said and so as his mentor lay there holding on to life Izzy kept holding her in his arms still in shock from what he had just witnessed "Jane please wake up I…I…I need you please" he said his whole body shaking knowing his mentor would not be getting up again "such a lazy boy" said Jane smiling softly "I trained you to be…able to let go of life not…hold on to it hopelessly" she continued barely audible but Izzy heard it just fine even with a battle closing in he could not stop holding his master in his arms, she had been a like mother to him as he fought more tears back but it was a losing fight and he sobbed for her "I'm sorry for your loss but the abominations are overpowering us and are closing in fast we will be over run in a minute" said the captain as he paused beside the fallen Spartan before running off to aide his troops "now listen to a old woman" said Jane almost whispering the words "I think of you as…the son I never had…and I am so proud of you…my little Isidore" then she closed her eyes for the last time and the young Spartan couldn't hold back the tears any longer he carefully laid her body down "goodbye Jane" he whispered into her ear though she was already gone.

End of book three

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